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The management of any company must be able to respond quickly to changes in the labor market, to be flexible in choosing the optimal legal formats of cooperation with the benefit of business. For example, the way of IT outstaffing has long been popular, which, above all, allows, without violating the law, to hire an employee of another organization (without staffing) for solving the problems of the business.

IT-outstaff is an opportunity to develop new software, test a business product before launching it on a wide market, implement new programs in the resources of the structure and solve other issues by qualified programmers. Starting with the integration of several remote developers into an existing team, You can gradually expand your capabilities while maintaining flexibility and control.

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Why is it profitable for American employers? You do not need to register a person in the staff, deal with accounting, personnel issues, payment of employee taxes and other things. In addition, it is possible to save time, because looking for and then checking a potential candidate for compliance with the proposed vacancy is a long time. The IT-outstaff format means recruitment and solution of all organizational and administrative issues of the company, that is, a ready-to-work, tested and checked specialist or a team of developers will remotely cope with even the most difficult tasks. And earnings due to taxes are very much reduced, which is equally financially unprofitable for both the employer and the employee. For example, the average salary of a good programmer in the District of Columbia is about $ 9,000, after all the mandatory deductions it turns out a little more than 6, and in Washington it is higher and there will be even more deductions, therefore, working with an IT staffing agency without involving a person in the state will resolve this issue. We mainly offer employees from Ukraine, because this is a real fresh supply of very worthy programmers of the highest category with reasonable salary. Our agency’s IT recruiters will successfully issue a contract with the employer in Washington or the District of Columbia, and will themselves monitor and manage the implementation of the tasks of the selected team. At the same time, even the best developer in outstaffing will be much cheaper than regular offline hiring, and the business has the opportunity to scale and develop, adding to the team of professionals.

How to get a good software engineer into the team?

The employer does not need to spend his time and resources on recruitment, because the IT staffing company Remotal in the US will promptly recruit the best candidates according to the customer’s initial requirements. Development of specialized software, search for IT solutions for specific tasks and other important tasks will be performed by specialized programmers. We hire an employee in our staff, keep accounting, all paperwork, solve all tax issues and provide businesses with the opportunity to temporarily hire a specialist or a remote team of software developers. Sign up for a consultation right now.

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