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Washington offers record prices for programmers for the United States, due to its advantageous location, and probably every developer in the world cherishes the dream of working with local companies. Formal employment with registration in the staff is associated with a large number of organizational aspects, accounting, personnel issues, taxation. This has long been unprofitable for employers and does not attract specialists. For example, the average salary of a software engineer in Seattle is more than 7 thousand US dollars, and after all tax deductions, an employee receives a little more than 57 thousand dollars in hand. Financial motivation to work harder, better, more efficiently weakens. This is understood by business, and the format of IT outstaffing remote collaboration is increasingly being chosen.

Who to entrust the IT recruitment in Seattle?

The French agency Remotal has been operating in the international market for a long time. Our recruiting company in the USA will be able to organize the recruitment of IT staff to expand the staff, create a separate remote team to solve specific customer requirements or perform business processes. We are mainly looking for a specialist in the labor market of Ukraine, where a large number of really qualified programmers is concentrated, and the wage rate is significantly lower than in Western Europe. This way You can more often reward the employee for quality work or add new experienced developers to the team.

The main thing in outstaffing is to get rid of routine organizational and administrative issues, and the agency also takes on the solution of legal issues that may arise during international cooperation.

The firm works quickly, easily and efficiently (firm)

Recotal staffing agency will resolve an issue on the recruitment of the best IT specialists for the company in Seattle or another city in America. Professionals work with us, so You do not have to worry about their sufficient competence to solve Your issues. The recruitment of IT staff takes 3-4 weeks, and if something does not work in the process of cooperation, we will provide the service again to find a new specialist for free.

Our recruiters promptly recruit development engineers to carry out the customer’s project. Our experienced employees are ready to perform unique developments for different business directions.

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