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The constant scale up of small and large corporations requires skilled staff. IT recruiting has been successfully developing for a long time as a separate and rather specific direction in the market. The introduction of innovations, the presentation of technological innovations, business products require the involvement of experienced and creative IT specialists of a specific profile. These vacancies are constantly in demand in different countries of the world, and it is not so easy to find a really qualified engineer.

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French recruiting agency Remotal is engaged in the IT staffing for companies in Europe and America. Since hiring employees on the staff is associated with a large amount of work for the personnel department, accounts department, paying taxes, employers are considering the option of cooperation in the IT outstaff format increasingly frequently. Moreover, highly qualified programmers themselves prefer to work remotely, in freelance or outsourcing. For example, IT recruiters of Remotal in Orlando (Florida) are ready to successfully employ experienced programmers from Ukraine. This is a rather underestimated region with really qualified IT specialists who are ready to get started without slowing down, and most importantly, You can agree with them on a payment that is more profitable for the employer.

Local IT specialists in the same Florida are reluctant to agree to work on the staff of the company, because at a rate of 6.5 thousand dollars, after all tax and insurance calculations, the salary is less than $ 5,000. Of course, freelancing is better, but not all employers find it profitable to choose the services of local programmers for their firm because of the high demands. It is more relevant and tempting for a business to invite a software engineer or a team from abroad for remote cooperation, and the outstaff format further simplifies the hiring process. The salary is still decent, but at the same time is next lower order than the standard rates for local employees.

The IT recruiting agency will help organize a remote team of engineers, system programmers and other specialists for a company in the United States and, in particular, in Orlando. The outstaff company takes care of all organizational and administrative issues related to cooperation with foreign specialists. The employer does not need to participate in the search, choose the necessary CV among candidates, check their qualifications, and conduct testing. Remotal employees will perform the entire amount of work and prepare contacts of already proven specialists to schedule an interview date within a few weeks.

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We select only highly qualified specialists, because we personally check the CV, conduct tests and other checks. You can choose one employee for outstaffing or assemble a remote team to carry out a specific task. We conduct IT staffing within 3-4 weeks on average for company in USA, but the result is definitely worth the wait. In addition, if necessary, we will make a replacement at no additional cost. Contact Remotal. We will be glad to see You among our regular customers.

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