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Las Vegas is the city in the United States that is definitely familiar to everyone in the world. Not everyone will remember the state of Nevada, to which it belongs, but it is difficult to find another place of luxury, the apogee of the world gambling business, great success and disappointments. This is the city of big money and luck. Luck is not the only reason for the opportunity to work with business sharks in Las Vegas.

IT is a very lucrative niche and the salary rate for software engineers is almost $ 7,000 in Nevada, as in the US in general. At the same time, a fairly small percentage of local IT specialists are ready to work on standard hiring, because taking into account all the calculations, an employee in the company's staff can only receive a little more than 5 thousand dollars on hand. Freelancing and outsourcing have their own risks for both parties. There are no guarantees that the performers really have the proper qualifications, and they also require payment at the rate of hired employees.

How to find a good engineer without overpaying?

You should use the services of a recruiting agency, and even better consider the format of IT outstaffing. In fact, this is the hiring of an employee employed to the staff of another company to carry out a specific task of Your business project. The best talent acquisition requires a lot of give back, study and analysis of data, proficiency testing and other nuances.

If a Las Vegas business needs a qualified software engineer, Remotal IT staffing agency offers an outstaffing service. We will quickly organize a team of specialized programmers for You, ready to start performing the task immediately after the conclusion of the agreement. Our clients have not used standard recruiting for a long time, because thanks to Remotal services, it is possible to expand the IT department by hiring one specialist, or organize a remote dedicated team for a specific purpose.

A new word in recruiting

Collaboration involves either a monthly fee that covers the salary of software engineers and our services, or a one-time payment. It is beneficial for customers to work in such a remote format, because the company saves time on searching and recruiting personnel, relieves itself of additional workflow, bookkeeping, taxation, and other staff costs. The Ukrainian market attracts with a large number of experienced programmers who are ready to expand their horizons. IT outstaffing is legal, transparent and reliable.

The engineer will only need to contact the agency to be hired as personnel in Las Vegas, another city or state of America, and our IT recruiters will carry out the appropriate checks, qualification testing and will be engaged in the selection of vacancies.

Remotal has been working on the international market for a long time, our IT staffing company in the USA will be able to organize the IT staffing to expand our staff, create a separate remote team to meet specific customer requirements. This is exactly what You should try, and then fall in love with this format of cooperation without complications.

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