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Are You looking for a software developer in Houston? Have you already spent a lot of time on fruitless searches and decided to contact a recruiting firm or do not intend to be distracted from more important commercial tasks and immediately delegate these processes to professionals? And this is the right approach anyway. Companies that were lucky with a recruiting agency were able to save time and money, and most importantly, to replenish their staff with a qualified specialist who meets the most stringent requirements. Our recruiting agency is based in Houston and specializes exclusively in IT. This allows for the most competent analysis of resumes, interviews and selection of candidates. And over the years of experience, we have perfectly learned to recognize real talents, which, as a result, help our customers in the development of their business.

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We suggest that You consider the option of hiring remote employees in Houston through outstaffing – this is the so-called extended recruiting. The recruiting company is not only engaged in the search and selection of personnel, it formalizes it in its own staff and resolves issues related to accounting, sick leave, insurance and other formalities. This is a profitable opportunity for employers to optimize staff costs and deprive themselves of any staffing problems. And in the case of hiring a specialist from other countries, this greatly simplifies the establishment of interaction. The employee performs the duties assigned to him, and for any organizational issues he contacts the intermediary company.

Therefore, our IT HR company in the United States is expanding the market for finding talented programmers. We have learned from personal experience that it is expensive to cooperate with European and American specialists. If they are professionals in their field, then they value their work highly. At the same time, programmers from countries with a cheaper cost of living agree to an order of magnitude lower wage. At the same time, their professional skills are in no way inferior to local specialists, and sometimes even exceed them. We invite Your company in Houston, TX to consider this option to optimize staff costs.

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We work according to debugged schemes and methods in order to provide You with the result as soon as possible. The effective search for remote programmers takes place through a network of local specialists and reliable sources of employment in Ukraine, a rigorous selection includes several stages of technical tests, verification of recommendations and psychometric assessment, and our team deals with issues of payment, sick leave, insurance and others. We will be glad to discuss the details of cooperation.

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