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It is not so easy to find an experienced software engineer for the development of special software and web design. During the standard employment in the staff, many nuances may not come together in a single puzzle in cooperation – qualifications, misunderstandings, job placement and payment. Therefore, most of these professionals work remotely and quietly, and finding real “diamonds” is difficult.

The IT market is highly developed in the US, but the demand from local programmers is very high. The introduction of an employee to the company’s staff is associated with a huge red tape with documents, official calculations to the fiscal service, accounting and personnel issues solving. Therefore, employers choose it outstaffing more and more often. It is a kind of temporary “hire” of an employee attached to the staff of another company to perform current specific tasks of the business. The international format is especially interesting, because You can find a lower rate, which means You can hire a specialist of the same level or even higher on much more favorable terms.

Which recruiting firm to contact?

The French recruitment agency Remotal has been working in the IT outstaffing format for many years. Mostly, we provide employees from Ukraine, where there are many underestimated programmers of the highest qualification with experience and recommendations. The salary is significantly lower than the Western European rate, so there is a great demand for the service of recruiting IT staff from our agency in Chicago, as well as throughout America.

We have been working transparently, responsibly and honestly for a long time. Literally in 3-4 weeks we recruit a specialist, register him in our staff, solve all organizational and administrative issues, plus prevent the emergence of legal difficulties that are possible with international cooperation. IT recruiters will help to conclude an agreement to hire our programmer in Chicago or another state.

The best developers of Ukraine are ready to solve your issues

Remotal helps with the recruitment of IT staff in different countries around the world. Do not understand where to start, what is the procedure for finding a specialist, how to survey, check the data? We take it upon ourselves, and You get contacts for interviews of already tested and checked candidates, and after personal communication You can easily determine for yourself the best open vacancy programmer .

With our IT staffing company in the USA, the employer does not have to recruit staff, change the premises, solve a lot of bureaucratic issues and tax issues during the employee support and official employment. You no longer have to worry about his possible incompetence in IT or solving a specific task. We select You only professionals in their field.

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