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The level of technological development in Dubai is ahead of its time. Concentration of more business centers and firms requires constant staff renewal. Companies often search for suitable candidates for months, what requires a considerable investment of time and the distraction of technical personnel from their main work.

IT recruitment in Dubai is characterized by a high level of competition between IT companies, respectively, for highly qualified specialists in this field. Another difficulty of the task is that staffing up is often necessary only for a few complex or global projects, and it is not cost-effective to fire and search for new candidates each time.

How to hire developers for temporary projects in a short time?

Finding a talented software engineer in Dubai is not an easy task. Therefore, the entrepreneurs often recourse to remote search for candidates. But you also need to prepare a whole procedure for the selection in the flow of resumes. So, the freezing of projects can last for several months.

Outstaffing company Remotal is engaged in the selection of software development staff for IT companies. Depending on the specifics of your company’s work, we prepare tests and interviews to find the best candidate. There are over 250 verified engineers in our database. We provide CVs only of those programmers who have completed more than a dozen projects and are competent in their field. Therefore, they easily penetrate into a new team and delve into the essence of the project. Senior engineers with more than 10 years of experience are engaged in the selection of full-time employees.

Why are the services of a staffing company profitable?

The main task of our agency is to save the customer’s time. We are fully engaged in the preparation of material for testing candidates and select the best software engineers for your projects based on the results. The process takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

The second, no less important advantage is the reduction in the costs of the employing company. How does it work? There are many talented software engineers in lagging economies, so the difference in currency fluctuations is enormous. They charge 40% less than IT staffing in the UAE for the same quality of work.

Outstaffing is an opportunity to find a full-time employee whose working period is regulated by the employer himself. Depending on the workload of projects, the employer himself determines the period of a specialist stay on the working staff of the company. We guarantee the confidentiality of information that you provide to our recommended employees. The clause on keeping information confidential will be spelled out in the contract.

Our main advantage over outsourcing organizations is employee reporting during the project work process. In outsourcing, often the employer does not have full access to the work of the hired workers, which minimizes assistance with permanent employees. Outstaffing provides an opportunity for close communication with both bosses and project colleagues. Fill out the form on the website or write to us in the chat, and we will start our cooperation right now.

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