November 19,21
updated 19/11/21
Remote dedicated teams
Software Development Team

Software Development Team

The success of the project depends on the competence of the hired employees. Therefore, it is so important to choose people who are interested in the company's profits, who are able to work in a team and get stuff done. Gathering a group of highly skilled professionals in one place is usually difficult and requires significant financial investments. Therefore, companies are increasingly frequently having recourse to the specialists on a remote basis.

How to select the best engineers for software development?

Finding people yourself for a software engineering team can take a couple of months. Only a person who himself has experience in this area and recruiting can see real talents among the stream of people. If an employee of the company is engaged in this, his potential will be wasted irrationally, and the development of many projects will be delayed.

They come to the services of an outstaffing agency to save time and competently increase the staff. Remotal has been promoting cooperation between companies and international developers for more than 2 years. We have an established system of personnel search, that can easily become a part of the team. In our database, there are about 250 top-ranked specialists with universal and specialized profile, each of whom has completed several dozen projects. We select candidates and prepare documents for concluding an agreement in 3 weeks. We prepare a ready-made software development team of 10 people within a couple of months.

Advantages of finding engineers using outstaffing

Outstaffing has a significant advantage over outsourcing, namely - reporting. Communication and constant monitoring will help to better coordinate the work of staff and increase team cohesion.

Other advantages of outstaffing include:

  • No working downtime. An employee can be hired for a couple of weeks, and after the end of the project, removed from the staff. There are no problems with collecting documentation for dismissal;
  • No costs for the supplying of full-time employees. In particular, for equipment, office supplies, software and other consumables;
  • Ability for full-time workers to quickly delve into the project and teamwork skills. It is not necessary to bring employees up to date for a long time, since many of them already have experience of working for different companies;
  • Low rate of wages for new engineers. The residents of countries with less developed economies ask for less pay (on average by 40%) for the same quality of work. This allows you to stay within the allocated budget.

You can see a list of companies on the page with which we have already worked and who are contacting us again to form new IT teams. We will help to hire developers in a short time, who will qualitatively complete the tasks and realize the goals of the company.

Fill out the form on the website, and we will contact you shortly.

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