November 19,21
updated 19/11/21
Remote dedicated teams
Software Development Help

Software Development Help

Situations often arise when the current personnel cannot cope with their duties. A narrow-focused project, task load, a sudden dismissal of an employee or other problem cases force people to resort to looking for new employees. There is no need to look for a permanent employee only because of a temporary problem situation. Therefore, the services of specialists remotely are often used.

Where can I find a software development helper?

You need to spend at least a couple of months to find a worthy candidate. First of all, draw up a system for assessing skills and social adaptation. It is difficult to find experienced specialists without a ready-made base of engineers. You can use the services of an outstaffing agency to quickly get software development help.

Remotal has been looking for the best specialists for solving problems in the IT field for two years. We carefully check all candidates to ensure they meet employer requirements. Choosing mediation with us, you will save not only on the salary of candidates but also on taxes.

Advantages of a fast developer search system

Our company has a ready-made database in which 250 verified engineers are registered. You will receive software engineering help in the shortest possible time. We provide an experienced specialist in 3-4 weeks, and we also assemble a team of 10 people in a couple of months.

Our international staff, most of them are from Ukraine, charge 40% less than French or Western European freelancers. This will significantly reduce budget costs.

One of the features of outstaffing is communication and constant contact with a new member of the staff. This will speed up the integration of the in-house programmer into the team as much as possible. The engineer will help solve complex problems and optimize the working process. You will have the opportunity to outstaff an employee out after the completion of the project. So, the working potential will not be pending.

Fill out the form on the website or write to us in the chat, and we will start our cooperation right now.

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