June 01,21
updated 01/06/21
Remote dedicated teams
Ruby on Rails Project Outsourcing

Ruby Project Outsourcing

Do you need Ruby on Rails engineer for an outsourcing project? It is better to contact recruiters with such a request right away. Therefore, You will save your time, and most importantly, You will be able to start work on a project with a qualified, strong team without delay. We have been working in the field of IT recruiting for several years, and we know all the subtleties, difficulties, nuances in the selection of programmers. We already have a database of remote specialists, with whom we periodically work - they are reliable people, whose competence and professional skills are beyond doubt. The agency also has trusted sources for finding new personnel, tested schemes for testing and selecting applicants at its disposal. We will be able to find a top specialist in his field strictly according to Your requests, who will quickly involve in the work and make his valuable contribution to the development of Your project.

The best way to find and employ a specialist

It is not profitable to register an employee on the staff and resolve all the formal issues arising from this to involve him in only one temporary project of the company. In addition, now it is much more convenient for everyone to work remotely, and specialists themselves prefer the outsourcing format. But we suggest You consider its more advanced version - IT outstaffing. It provides for the registration of a specialist on the staff of a recruiting company, and the employer, on the whole, simply hires a programmer for a while, avoiding the hassle of legal registration, tax reports, and negotiation of labor conditions. You only need to agree on the amount of the fee for the carrying out of the project on Your part, and we bear full responsibility for the employee to the regulatory authorities. This is the most profitable and convenient format for involving specialists to temporary projects.

We will recruit a qualified programmer for Your company

Our extensive experience and market trends show that Ruby on Rails developers from Ukraine are in great demand now. These are competent, executive specialists who are ready to work for almost half of the standard salary for European employees. More and more companies pay attention to the Ukrainian personnel fund and fill their staff with foreign specialists. We are ready to help You with this. We are waiting for requests.

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