Remote Senior QA Analysts

A senior QA analyst is responsible for analyzing software to ensure high quality and troubleshoot programming issues. Such a specialist has a wide range of skills and leadership qualities, since he provides product quality assurance and is responsible for meeting the requirements of the company before delivery of the product.

There is a shortage of experienced specialists of this profile in the Western market. Therefore, the price for services often does not fit into a fixed budget, and the search can take a couple of months. An alternative option is to look in the Eastern European labor market, where there are more demand and lower wage requirements. Remote cooperation opens up many opportunities for both the employee and the employer.

What is hiring process of a specialist from Eastern Europe?

Interaction with an employee directly can cause a lot of organizational hassle. To avoid wasting time, some of the responsibilities for finding and employing personnel are shifted to a specialized company. This allows you to focus on the business as much as possible and start integrating the employee into the new project.

Remotal company focuses on Ukrainian specialists, among which there are many talented quality assurance analysts. We have our own tools for finding candidates, as well as databases of top specialists. We also place ads on the best search servers in Ukraine.

The subsistence minimum in Ukraine is much lower than in Europe, so the wage requirements are lower. The time difference is almost imperceptible – 1 hour, which is comfortable for both parties.

Outstaffing is the best practice for cooperation

If you do not need to expand your workforce on an ongoing basis, outstaffing will be the best alternative for organizing your workflow. You can take an employee for hire for 4 weeks and then fire them unquestionably with the help of our company. Cut and expand staff as needed.

Leave a request for cooperation through Calendly and find out detailed answers to all the main questions on pricing and summary documentation after the first call.

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