Senior Node.js Developers

Node.js has an ideal reputation on the application development platform, and many companies have included this software tool in their development services. Often the demand is greater than the supply, and even if it is possible to find specialists, it is difficult to determine whether they will perform their functions with high quality.

Senior node developers, in addition to the typical set of skills and experience, must have leadership qualities. They carry out the most difficult tasks, find optimal solutions to problems, and help the product owner lead the project. Typically, senior specialists take a major role in the development of the project and decide in which direction it will be designed.

How to choose a worthy candidate for the position of a senior node.js programmer?

Leading people are the driving force of the team. Therefore, the senior engineer will overestimate the work of each employee and the result. If the budget of your project is limited, as well as the time for searching, and the candidate’s skills must be at a high level, we suggest you pay attention to Ukrainian specialists. Many talents are willing to take on jobs at pays well below those in Europe. This is because the standard of living in an Eastern European country is cheaper.

Outstaffing is a great opportunity for employers to get a ready base of candidates with certain abilities and experience that suit the specifics of your company. Registration of a new employee, preparation of reports and other organizational issues can cause a lot of trouble. The outstaffing company assumes all obligations for the labor support of employees.

We will provide the best senior node.js engineers from Ukraine

Remotal company is looking for and testing potential employees. If, on average, independent searches through resumes take about a couple of months, we reduce this period to 3-4 weeks. We check every node developer for matching skills through testing, interviews.

You will be able to rent a senior node.js developer for a month and then redeploy him without problems. Expand and reduce the number of employees without unnecessary waste and staff downtime.

The Ukrainian market is not too scarce, which in turn means a more affordable price. Therefore, it is possible to hire a good professional even with a limited budget.

Leave a request through Calendly and find out detailed answers to all the main questions on pricing and summary documentation after the first call.

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