January 10,22
updated 10/01/22
Remote dedicated teams
Kotlin Mobile Game Development

Kotlin Mobile Game Development

The Kotlin programming language is in the top 50 in the TIOBE ranking. A fairly recent but promising development of Russian programmers is used to create web applications and games around the world. Kotlin game development for Android is a priority direction of Google since 2019. Therefore, more and more Kotlin programmers are being involved for projects by IT companies.

Quick search for programming specialists using outstaffing

It is often unprofitable to expand staff and hire an employee for a long time, and dismissal for no reason has consequences. An alternative to long-term employment is outstaffing. This is an opportunity to rent employees for the required time, and after the completion of the project, take them out from the staff.

If on average, the search for specialists takes 4-5 months, we reduce this period by several times. We will select the best candidate among hundreds of applicants in 3-4 weeks. You will be able to scale the team as needed. This is additional savings on salaries and the elimination of the risk of staff downtime.

How does the recruitment of programmers who use the Kotlin language work?

Remotal company recruits individual specialists and full-fledged teams of programmers to replenish the staff of IT firms around the world. We cooperate mainly with Ukrainian developers. The cost of living in Ukraine is lower than in Western countries, but there are enough professionals in their field. Therefore, the payment for Ukrainian and Western European Kotlin programmers is different for the same quality of work. Another plus is the minimum time difference, only 1 hour, so there will be no problems with the work schedule.

To test the skills of Kotlin mobile game development, we draw up tests and conduct a phased interview. Senior developers who know about all the intricacies of programming participate in testing the knowledge of candidates.

Outsourcing saves you from all labor disputes, since an employee enters into an agreement with our company, and we are fully responsible for his working conditions. We provide an employee with wages, insurance, sick leave, a place to work, and we conduct accounting. You can hire and fire a specialist in 4 weeks, no questions asked. If the work of the candidate does not suit you, we will be able to replace him at no additional cost in 3-4 weeks.

Make an appointment through Calendly, and we will start our cooperation right away. We will discuss the requirements, pricing and other main aspects of the employment of candidates after the first call.

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