Remote Senior Ruby Developers

Finding a senior Ruby developer is the most demanding task for a company, where there is no room for error. Often, junior specialists who successfully grow and study become senior ones, and this is the most favorable, natural development for any company. But when there is a need for a new senior developer, its search and selection must be taken seriously. It may be appropriate to entrust the task to a recruiting agency in order to close this personnel issue with a minimum expenditure of time and maximum fit as a result, not only technical, but also personal.

What are the requirements for a senior programmer?

A senior developer should not only have a thorough knowledge of the Ruby on Rails programming language, but also have extensive experience in developing various applications. His task is to make the right technological decisions in the project – to think wider, deeper, for the future, and not just perform routine technical tasks, albeit of increased complexity. This person is obliged to make the “right” decisions that will bring maximum business benefits and reduce costs. These are the requirements that put forward our it staffing agency in the selection of senior specialists, in addition to a large list of purely technical knowledge and skills. Of course, all requests for the skills of a specialist are voiced to us by the customer company, on the basis of which the personnel are selected. But the advantage of our team is that we are well versed in the IT field and can competently assess an applicant for the most responsible position.

Remote outstaffing programmer

We provide Ruby developers for companies as freelancers. In addition to fast and efficient personnel search, You get benefits in the form of tax optimization, delegation of insurance, sick leave, and accounting issues. The search for applicants is not limited to the local market, we have debugged schemes for the selection of Ukrainian specialists, which allows the employer to save up to 40% on wages. We are waiting for Your requests.

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