IT staff augmentation services

Scale your team with remote outstaffed developers and keep your focus on your product thanks to our full-cycle service.

Hire remote developers
Get new remote developers that blend perfectly in your team, in just 3-4 weeks.
High standards
The candidates we'll present to you will have been screened, tested, interviewed and reference-checked.
Best fit
Our riguorous vetting process is there to spare your interviewing slots for good candidates only, so you can make a choice based on fit & preference.
Simple collaboration
There are no surprises down the road. We charge an all-inclusive monthly fee agreed on upon hire of a candidate. Our contracts are simple and secure.
Flexible hire & fire
We don't believe in trying to tie up clients with contracts. Parting with a developer will never take more than one month.
We offer augmented staff solutions for
Front-end development
Back-end development
Embedded development
Web and Mobile development
Solution architecture
Digital marketing & growth engineering
As a professional IT staff augmentation vendor, we are open for any challenge in terms of developer’s skills and level of expertise combinations. Thanks to our exclusive network of talents, we can provide rare profiles that others failed to find.
Key benefits of IT staff augmentation :
Starting with the integration of a few remote developers in your existing team allows you to expand your capabilities one step at a time, while keeping things flexible and under control.
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Expand your team capabilities
  • Get experts to tackle your main technical challenges
  • Fill in the gaps in your existing team's skill set
  • Adopt the most cost-effective staffing strategy
  • Invest some of the cost gap in higher standards of recruitment
Keep your flexibility
  • Start with a few developers and get more as the need arises
  • Keep your product-tech organization as it is
  • Integration into your existing team makes onboarding easier
  • Scale up or down on a month's notice
Ensure perfect consistence
  • Staying "one team" make it easy to keep enforcing your current rules and best practices
  • Keep a single cohesive and inclusive culture within your team
  • Your outstaffed developers will have the same access to information as everyone else
  • You'll be paving the way towards more international staffing, one step at a time.
How we can help
As your IT staff augmentation provider, we can help you make the right choices to get the most out of your international team.
Define target team structure

The first step is always the hardest. We'll be there to ask the questions that will help you get it right, and propose answers based on our experience and your situation.

  • What are your current priorities ?
  • What is your budget ?
  • How is your current team organized ?
  • Are you ready to work with remote developers ?
  • What kind of skills and experience should those have to ensure success ?

A clear target will help both your team and the candidates project themselves

Grow your team

Hiring developers for our clients is our core business. We will present you only suitable candidates vetted through :

  • Initial screening call (30min)
  • Psychometric assessment
  • In-depth interview with a senior engineer (45min)
  • Technical testing (online or custom)
  • Reference checks

We make all these checks so that your final "go" can be a choice of fit and preference between competent candidates only.

Consolidate & consider next steps

Our work does not end when you hire your first developer. We will stay in touch to manage the administrative side, make sure collaboration is smooth and help you anticipate on your next steps

  • Administrative work : pay, legal, vacations, leaves, etc
  • Regular checkup calls with devs & client
  • Facilitation of adjustments when needed
  • Planification and anticipation of next evolutions in team structure
Get CVs...
Fill in your stack and get CVs of good matches we may have encountered recently.
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...or get started!
Share your requirements
Book a call with us to share what the job consists of and discuss the setup and exactly what you need in terms of experience & skills. This will result in a written job description submitted to your validation.
At this point we'll also be able to give you a price range and present the key terms of a potential collaboration to ensure there are no surprises further along the way.
Meet selected and tested candidates
We source, screen, test and interview candidates for your team and offer you to meet them based on their CVs, our notes and proposed monthly rates.
We ask for feedback after every interview to help us refine our selection criteria.
Make your choice & sign the contract
You interview the candidates and make your choice, then sign a single master agreement to hire any number of developers. Candidates are usually available to start immediately or within a couple of weeks.
Work with your developers
Focus on shipping product features and let us handle administrative work.
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IT Staff Augmentation Service

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