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Our mission is to build remote development teams for our clients
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Speedy briefing: get an appointment now via Calendly and fill our form so we come prepared

No surprises : simple pricing options and clear recapitulative documentation shared after first call.
Efficient Search
We leverage our network of local HR and IT professionals and our proprietary scraping tools and databases to find candidates faster.

Of course, we also post offers on the best tech job boards in Ukraine on day one.
Pinpoint Selection
50% or our introductions result in hires. We achieve this by :
- Digging into technical aspects of positions
- Not forgetting fit
- Having senior devs interview candidates
- Checking references and recommendations
Easy Management
Deal with a French business rather than a Ukrainian employee. We take care of pay, insurance, sick leaves, accounting and office space

Scale your team up or down as you go, on a 1-month notice
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Remotal background
Remotal was born from the encounter of a tech-business duo with mutually reinforcing skills. After building a product from zero to about thirty million euro in revenue at Effilab, they decided to found Remotal and offer their expertise in scaling tech teams to all european businesses.

Their main job is to get your requirements right and pick the best developers for you. This might imply helping you find answers to the following questions :
Product - Thomas Glita
- What would be a MVP on your project ?
- What kind of team would it require ?
- How fast can it be released ?
- How much money do you need to invest ?
Engineering - Mickaël Cassy
- Is there an easy way to attain your goals ?
- How is your architecture going to evolve ?
- What are the tricky parts ?
- Who do you need on the team ?
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