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When the company’s management understands the need to hire additional employees, software developers, programmers, but knows that expanding the staff in a standard format is unprofitable for business, IT outstaffing comes to the rescue. It is collaboration with experienced professionals attached to another organization while executing specific tasks. Now the remote format is especially popular, when a special firm is entrusted with the staff recruitment, the solution of administrative and organizational issues.

Entrust the recruiting to an experienced company

The French recruitment agency Remotal provides the opportunity to remotely hire its employees from Eastern Europe and, in particular, from Ukraine. Preliminary specialists pass various checks, tests to confirm the declared qualification and the customer receives already verified CVs for the choice of the software engineer in Nashville, TN or other city.

Long before, not all employees in the United States want to be hired in the standard format of hiring and formalization, because, despite the advantages and relative guarantees, the lion’s share of earnings is deducted in tax and other deductions provided by law. So, the salary of the programmer in Tennessee on the average is about 6,5 thousand $, and after paying all the taxes it turns out less than 5. Our recruiters help to employ the IT-specialist in an outstaff format, for example, in Nashville it is favorable for them in terms of salary, and the employer relieves himself from the responsibility for the resolution of personnel, accounting, tax and other issues regarding the employee.

Do You need the developer services? We will select a professional team

If You do not mind working for a company in Nashville or You are an employer looking for a reliable partner for IT staffing with qualified employees, our recruiters are ready to help yet today. In Tennessee, the Remotal agency has repeatedly provided its outstaffing service and numerous positive customer reviews confirm our responsible attitude to the matter of IT staff recruiting to solve Your problems. It is easy to work with us. We take upon ourselves the financial and legal difficulties that may arise as a result of international cooperation.

In the USA, Remotal IT staffing company regularly helps various business structures to solve issues on staff recruitment, and also on the organization and management of the international remote teams.

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