IT Staffing Company in Columbus

Our IT recruiting company is effective in finding and hiring software engineers for firms in Columbus (Ohio). We have extensive experience in recruiting, we specialize exclusively in IT personnel, thereby we can objectively evaluate and select candidates. We have access to the Ukrainian personnel fund, in which USA entrepreneurs are showing more and more interest. The fact is that 100% competent, responsible and knowledgeable programmers from Ukraine can be hired almost half the price cheaper than local ones. Remote work has long been established in this area, and also has its advantages in terms of legal issues. We employ developers on the basis of outstaffing, which is becoming more and more popular in the global market. If You don't have such experience yet, then You should definitely try and evaluate all the advantages, and if You have, then You probably know how convenient and profitable it is to work in this format.

We select and employ software engineers for a company from Ohio

Software developers are highly demanded specialists who are quite « expensive » on the USA market. Local programmers in Ohio know the value of their labor, so they are not ready to work for a cheap rate. At the same time, the personnel fund of Ukraine is rich in talented specialists, whose salaries are approximately half of the salaries of local programmers. In addition, IT recruiting in the USA is increasingly frequently presented in the outstaffing format. The benefits of hiring employees under this scheme:

  • Saving time and resources to find a new specialist – our team will do it for You;

  • Protection during inspections by regulatory authorities – a specialist is legally employed with us, and You are not responsible for him;

  • Complete freedom from obligations on labor relations with personnel. We make payments, resolve organizational issues and smooth out conflict situations.

Strengthen Your company with good programmers from Ukraine

Our IT recruiting agency takes care of all the hassle of finding and hiring a specialist for Your company in Columbus, Ohio. We will be able to objectively evaluate the candidates and offer You the best engineers who will quickly side with work and start carrying out current projects. You will not have to worry not only about the search and selection of applicants for the position, but also about resolving further issues of labor relations. We look forward to receiving inquiries. We are ready to start the process.

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !
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