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Top Back-end Developers for Hire

Top Back-End Developers for Hire

Do you need qualified back-end developers on your staff? Recruiting new personnel is a responsible business. No one wants to waste time and money on training newcomers or correcting mistakes of insufficiently competent employees. Serious companies are interested in involving people with experience who will be able to start performing their duties without delay. It is best to use the services of recruiters for such a result, indicating all your requirements for the candidate. Our company has been in this niche for a long time and specializes exclusively in the IT field. We have a base of reliable employees, with whom we periodically work on individual projects, and many sources for the selection of new valuable personnel. Recruiters use effective CV analysis and selection schemes, backend programming tests to assess real skills. We provide our clients with applicants, in the knowledge and capabilities of which we are confident.

We will find the best specialists to hire

Increasingly frequently, backend developers prefer the provision of remote services. The remote format in this area does not interfere in any way with the productivity and coherence of the team's work, and it has its advantages for the employing company. But the traditional and already familiar to all outsourcing takes on new forms over time. For example, more and more companies and professionals are evaluating the advantages of IT outstaffing. In this case, the employer hires a specialist for a certain period of time, who is registered on the staff of the recruiting company. You do not have to agree on labor conditions, resolve legal issues, maintain and submit reports to the tax office, pay sick leave and vacation pay, resolve conflict situations and other current issues. This brings significant financial benefits to the company and greatly simplifies the maintenance of the staff. Payment for our services cannot be compared with the resulting savings and convenience for the employer.

What other benefits are there for Your company?

We have access to the Ukrainian personnel market, which is increasingly attracting European and American firms. Local programmers are "expensive" here, while Ukrainian ones are more profitable for hiring. They have high professional qualifications, but at the same time they are ready to work for much less money. We invite You to evaluate all the advantages of such a solution and start looking for new personnel outside the local market. Waiting for You.

How to hire back-end developers
A back-end developer is responsible for building and maintaining the robust stability and performance of your product. Back-end development involves core product logic, server scripting, databases, API, and other integrations. To put it simply, the back-end is the backbone of your product development that makes the process of using your product seamless and smooth.
Indeed, there is no silver bullet to help you immediately hire a back-end developer. Despite this, here are some useful things you should bear in mind if you want to hire senior back-end developers.
Where to find back-end developers for your project
There are many websites where you can search for back-end developers for hire. If you're going to search for back-end developers, you can go to some community or interest group where developers communicate with each other. You can also visit some professional job websites and professional matching services to find remote back-end developers you need. However, the most effective way is to cooperate with an IT staffing company that strengthens your team by finding experts who have specialized skill sets perfect for your project.
However, it should be noted that your choice of remote back-end developers must be grounded in some crucial factors. To make the best choice when finding back-end programmers for hire, answer the essential questions:
How fast do you need a back-end engineer for hire?
Are you going to test your future back-end programmers for technical skills?
Do you need only two back-end programmers for hire, or does your project require more specialists?
What experience and skills should your senior back-end developers have?
What are the technologies that back-end developers should master?
Do you have a limited budget for hiring back-end engineers?
Having answers to all these questions makes it easier for you to understand who exactly you're looking for and eventually hire a back-end web developer that perfectly meets your expectations.
How to form requirements for an IT staffing company
To make the hiring process as fast as possible, it's better to prepare your personalized requirements for an IT staffing company. These requirements not only accelerate the search for candidates but also allow you to select super dedicated developers with the expertise required for your specific project.
So, let's dive into the main points that allow you to form precise requirements and make your cooperation with an IT staffing company more effective.
Specific technical knowledge
The first thing you should identify is what languages or frameworks your remote back-end developers need to know. For example, your project involves the specific syntax of Ruby; accordingly, you should hire a back-end developer with a good understanding of this language. Or, your future programmers will have to manage APIs that are performed across devices such as JSON. It's vital to note specific technology knowledge your back-end engineer should have to find the perfect candidate.
The appropriate set of hard skills
This requirement implies specific actions that you want your developers to execute. To better understand your requirements, make a list of future responsibilities. For example:
Develop and maintain server-client based software;
Participate in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging;
Diagnose and troubleshoot backend issues in production;
Update and maintain existing API functionality.
Well-defined skills and requirements will help an IT staffing company find candidates who can meet them with ease.
Excellent soft skills
In addition to hard skills, it is also important to specify the soft developer's skills that will suit you and your team. When hiring back-end developers you should assess not only their code but also their communication skills, empathy, and others. Such soft skills allow back-end engineers to productively interact and communicate with other members of your team.
Below, we consider some of the most vital soft skills to pay attention to when hiring candidates and show why these skills matter:
Effective communication is your weapon and key to the project's success. The great ability to speak and listen influences the project’s success and allows specialists to build good relationships with a team and customers.
With regard to work, empathy means a respectful attitude towards your team members. Showing your empathy and care allows avoiding arguing, for example, during the refactoring process. What’s more, staying respectful of the team leads to more productive work since people are focused on understanding and resolving issues instead of any debate and clarifying their relationships.
Problem-solving and critical thinking
While developing software, all back-end developers face some problems and challenges. To solve them quickly and efficiently, your engineers should be critical thinkers and always view any issues objectively.
Software development is not about writing code independently, as it might seem. To achieve a common goal, back-end developers are involved in communication with a project manager, designers, other developers, and sometimes customers. Good teamwork impacts favorable work culture, team spirit, and the whole project’s success.
Proactive people solve issues before they've occurred. Probably everyone wants to have specialists who possess this soft skill in their team. Proactive behavior of team members leads to delivering great results since such employees look for opportunities to act in advance of a future problem and not reacting to it.
Relevant experience
You're looking for a back-end engineer who will have to work with specific tasks and certain tools in terms of your project. To find a perfectly suitable developer, you should clearly define the experience you need. For example:
Experienced with deploying and operating services on Linux;
Familiarity with message-oriented architectures (Celery, RabbitMQ);
Having a solid grasp of identifying, debugging, and resolving complex production issues.
Back-end developer’s portfolio
One more significant aspect that is important to bear in mind when hiring senior back-end programmers is their portfolio. This is a great way to check and ensure your candidate has appropriate skills and expertise. Looking through the portfolio, you can make sure the developer worked on a similar project and even check those apps or websites. By asking for a back-end developer's portfolio, you can examine their past experience, see the best work, and check out skills and potential. A candidate’s portfolio is a reliable way to ensure that your potential team member meets your project requirements.
How to interview back-end developers: question ideas
It may be difficult to figure out what to ask a back-end developer to find out their skills, experience, and assess them in general as a specialist and person. We've gathered some helpful interview questions that help you to hire your ideal back-end programmer.
Examples of some general questions:
How did you get into computer science/development?
How do you stay current with back-end development trends?
Do you prefer to work individually or as a team member?
What is your favorite programming language? And why?
What qualities do you think make you a good back-end developer?
Examples of questions about work experience:
What kind of projects have you worked on?
What is the largest web application you have ever worked on?
What is your understanding and experience with object-oriented programming (OOP)?
What's the most difficult decision you've faced in your career?
Examples of questions to find out specific hard skills:
Explain the architectural style for creating web API?
How to mitigate SQL injection risks?
What do classes and closures have in common?
When to Redis or MongoDB?
Name some best practices for better RESTful API design.
Final thoughts
Finding the right back-end engineer might seem like an exhausting process. However, with a well-thought-out list of requirements, job descriptions, and trustworthy sources for finding experts, you can save time and effort in finding your back-end developers.
If you still need help in finding remote back-end developers, feel free to contact us. Remotal.io will assist you in finding and hiring the dedicated back-end engineers of your dreams.
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