November 19,21
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Software Development Analyst

Software Development Analyst

The demand for software engineering analysts is quite high. The work of the entire programming department depends on the drawing up of the plan and the quality of the optimization of the system. Companies often spend months looking for a highly qualified specialist. The process drags on for so long since it is difficult to determine whether the employee will have enough practical and social skills to work in the company.

How to choose an IT developer?

Hiring a truly qualified software development analyst takes a lot of time. Are you ready to allow it? There is another way out - outstaffing.

Remotal agency is searching for the ideal candidate for each project individually. Engineers with 10 years of experience select candidates through testing. We give customers a choice of several types of test tasks or the ability to combine them. We have about 250 verified specialists included in the database, among which we select the best for a specific profile.

We maintain a flexible system and avoid labor stagnation. You have the opportunity to take the employee out of the staff without unnecessary paperwork after the end of the cooperation. We guarantee the confidentiality of company data, which will be indicated in the employment contract.

Our international employees charge 40% less than French or European employees. This is because they mostly live in less developed economies. At the same time, the quality of work is in no way inferior to European standards.

Fill out the form on the website or write to the chat for full information about the features of cooperation. Our experts will help bring your vision of software to life.

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