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In the 21st century, no one has long been surprised by distance working and remote access to a work platform, regardless of the location of the employer. It is equally beneficial to cooperate in the outstaff format for both small enterprises and business giants with a huge network of branches around the world. This option is quite common in the USA, Canada, many countries of Europe and even Asia, and now it is successfully gaining momentum in Eastern European countries.

How to get the best company interested in your services? 

The IT-direction is the most developed regarding finances, geography, and freedom of choice, and it attracts more and more people. If earlier in the post-Soviet space the stories about wealthy American IT specialists seemed like an overseas fairy tale and many workers wanted to be among those chosen ones, today no one needs to be off the beloved city, and certainly, it is not necessary to immigrate. Now there is a huge competition in the market among specialists in specific IT areas. Developers can look for a job assignment from employers from any country in the world.

Such salaries, which once could only have been in dreams, are now they are available to software engineers from Ukraine, who, thanks to the outstaff format, can work with European companies, in Singapore or other technologically developed Asian countries.

Of course, recruiting firms can very rarely offer jobs with employment abroad. The managers hold off on staffing up there because there are a lot of questions with the registration of personnel, filling out documents in addition to the employment contract, maintaining accounting records and high taxation. In particular, and for this reason, IT outstaffing is so popular because it is a legal way to get quality services at a more affordable payment and not waste time recruiting, proofreading a resume, and checking qualifications. A person is not registered on your staff as a member, and the contractor organization leases its employee for a certain period or for the duration of a certain job assignment.

But how to get a job for a good specialist? The French recruiting agency Remotal is engaged in job placement in the IT field. A software engineer with high qualifications and positive feedback remains on the staff after the successful completion of the project and receives more proposals. The possibility of hiring in this format attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world; in particular, Ukrainian specialists are of interest because they work even better and more responsible than others for the optimal price. IT outstaffing will allow organizing a whole team of experienced programmers, for example, for remote software development for a company in Singapore.

Recruiters will help the employer and developer find each other!

Good delegation is one of the main secrets of many successful entrepreneurs. Better to outsource the hiring of software developers and other IT staff to professionals. Our recruiting company offers recruiting for Europe, America and Asia, solves all the necessary organizational issues, administrative issues, checks knowledge, experience, and provides multilevel testing of applicants. After clarifying the specific requirements of the employer for the candidates, recruiters carefully study the questionnaires in their database and give out a selection of contacts of the most suitable specialists. Contact us; we will consult in more detail.

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