November 22,21
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Remote dedicated teams
Senior and Junior Front-end Developers

Senior and Junior Front-end Developer

Despite the great demand for junior and senior front-end developers, employers put forward rather high requirements for candidates. This is because there are a lot of of self-taught people on the market who are not yet ready for serious projects and intensive deadlines. And if the company needs a specialist who will immediately join the work and will carry out current tasks at the right pace, then the search becomes more difficult. If you want to quickly resolve the issue of hiring a new developer and not waste your personal time on it, we will be happy to help.

Modern recruiting for the selection of engineers

Hiring an employee through a recruiting company is the best option for any company. And in the case of us, additional advantages are provided for you. Firstly, we are well versed in the field of IT and specialize exclusively in this area. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a worthy senior front-end developer among the many candidates, to objectively check his qualifications and readiness to participate in your project. We will provide you with applicants who can immediately start carrying out tasks and show a high level.

Secondly, we are looking for programmers not just for remote work, but in outstaffing format. This means that the specialist will be registered on our staff, and you do not need to incur any costs associated with reporting on him to the tax office, solving organizational issues, legal nuances. You simply rent a person for a certain fee, who will complete the assigned tasks, and all responsibility for him is on us.

Thirdly, we involve specialists from the Ukrainian personnel market. These are good programmers with a high level of responsibility and aiming for growth, who are ready to work for half the rate than the average in Western Europe.

We will provide a front-end developer in a short time

IT outstaffing is a direction in which our company is a leader in Europe. We have already had a large database of checked specialists, proven schemes for finding new personnel and well-functioning processes for supplying the staff, resolving current issues. This format provides significant savings for employers, and the ability to relieve or even reduce the personnel department. We will be glad to receive your requests.

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