Remote React.js Developers

React.js is a popular framework for developing quality web applications. And specialists must master the JavaScript programming language and an additional set of framework tools at the highest level for such tasks. If you are looking for a React.js developer for your project, you can rely on us in this matter. The selection of valuable personnel with good skills and responsibility in their work is our main specialization. Still, it is better to entrust these tasks to recruiting firms, so as not to waste time and overload the HR department of the company with unnecessary work. Finding a specialist in JavaScript programming requires knowledge of purely recruiting secrets that help to correctly assess the applicant and weed out dubious candidates, as well as highly specialized knowledge in the IT niche. So, our company works only for IT specialists hire, we are well versed in all the nuances and can objectively analyze the professionalism of the candidate. As a result, our partner-employers receive only contacts of trusted specialists who are guaranteed to cope with the assigned tasks.

JavaScript development from Ukrainian programmers

More and more European and American IT companies are practicing involving the specialists from other countries, in particular from Ukraine. The remote work format erases any geographic boundaries, and local programmers often require a fairly high rate of payment. Ukrainian React.js developers can perform tasks at the same level or at even higher for much less money. The dollar exchange rate, the difference in the cost of living and other living conditions in countries create such a big difference in wages. What is considered a decent payment for a comfortable life for Ukrainians is not suitable for Europeans. And Ukrainian specialists in terms of professionalism are in no way inferior to others, they are distinguished by high responsibility and striving to complete the project in the best possible way in order to receive proposals in the future.

Our company has access to the Ukrainian recruiting market for application developers and has dozens of already proven specialists in the database. We will be able to select a candidate who ideally meets your requirements and agree on acceptable terms for paying for the project. Your development team of web applications will be replenished with new valuable personnel, with whom you will certainly want to extend cooperation if necessary.

How does the recruitment of employees with our help work?

In addition to the fact that programmers work remotely, there is another important nuance that should interest you. We are actively introducing IT outstaffing on the market. This is a format in which a selected mobile app developer is registered on the staff of our company, and the partner-employer “leases” him in part for his tasks or a specific project. What does it give you? You just pay for our services and as a result, you get a contractor without any formal hassle. You do not need to register him on your staff, prepare and negotiate contracts, pay taxes for him. We do all this, and you only carry out your current projects with the help of a new qualified specialist. Even taking into account the payment for our services, this promises significant savings in taxes and the maintenance of the personnel department. For us, this is an opportunity to gather a staff of specialists who will have constant demand in the market and provide them with work. Whatever interests you – app building or any other areas in IT, we can offer the right specialists. Contact.

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