January 10,22
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React.js Web Development

React.js Web Development

A modern web application needs a modern framework, and React.js is the most obvious choice for Kotlin programming. There are several Kotlin wrappers for common JS and React libraries such as React itself, Mocha, and Redux.

React.js is arguably the most trending JavaScript library today. React.js is maintained and developed by Facebook and Instagram, as well as a whole community of independent developers. Therefore, React.js web developers are one of the most demanded specialists in the IT world.

Where to find experts to build a website with React.js?

The staff increase is not always a rational solution in terms of savings. Labor obligations to a new employee, difficulties in dismissal and payment of wages even during a stagnation of the staff - these are all the disadvantages of being employed on a permanent basis. If your company has already recruited the main staff, and you need an additional developer for a specific project, there is an alternative - outstaffing.

Remotal company will do all the work of finding, hiring and securing employees for you. Finding a talented React.js web developer in-house takes over 4 months. We recruit candidates and test their knowledge in 3-4 weeks. The time saved can be spent on the implementation and improvement of projects.

The selected candidate will be registered on the staff of our company, so all labor responsibilities rely on us: salary, insurance, sick leave and accounting. These are additional savings on staff inventory. The remote communication platform is everything that is required for cooperation.

The main advantage of outstaffing over outsourcing is full integration of developers into your team. Outsourcing is about renting services, outstaffing is about renting employees. Therefore, it is possible to keep in touch with the freelance programmer on a daily basis.

How does the recruitment of app development staff work?

First of all, we conduct interviews through Calendly with customers and send out a brief to determine the main requirements for candidates. After that, we are developing tests and the main stages of the interview. We place ads on the best Ukrainian platforms.

It is up to senior developers to screen out candidates and select the best talents. We also use a network of local human resources, IT professionals and effective data collection tools. This allows you to identify real professionals as accurately as possible. We are looking for both individual developers and entire teams.

Leave a message on the site, and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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