November 22,21
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Remote dedicated teams
Mobile App Developers

Mobile App Development

In the era of total digitalization and the ability to solve any work and personal tasks in a smartphone, mobile app developers are especially appreciated. More and more interesting and useful programs appear on the market, and most importantly, they are in high demand and bring in millions of dollars in profits. If your company is engaged in the mobile app development and is looking for new employees, then we can help. This is an area in which there is no time for long internships and inexperienced workers who cannot match the general rhythm of the firm's life. Therefore, the search for employees for hire is a responsible task and it is better to entrust it to professionals. Our recruiting company has been in this area for many years and will be able to provide a developer in a short time, who will immediately fulfill the assigned tasks. We know perfectly the IT niche and objectively test candidates, unmistakably choosing the best ones for our partners. Everything happens not just promptly, but at the time you need.

The agency with which all your staffing problems will be quickly resolved

Our team not only professionally searches for and recognizes real experts among the software engineers, but we also offer other benefits for you. Now, the format of remote work is not new. It is practiced to a greater or lesser extent by all IT companies. This is convenient for employees and beneficial for the employer because with the reduction of office staff, budgets for its maintenance are also reduced. But we suggest that you go further and simplify more the personnel records management for yourself.

IT outstaffing is a new word in recruiting that opens up even more savings for the company and reduces organizational hassle. How does it work? Your new developer will be registered on our staff. We are fully responsible for it to the tax authorities, we sign an agreement, calculate the salary, solve legal nuances and any organizational issues. You, in turn, simply rent an employee for the necessary tasks and do not have any staffing hassle.

Hiring programmers from Ukraine

Our experience shows that the local engineering specialists are too “expensive” for many companies. At the same time, extremely talented, qualified and responsible Ukrainian programmers with full dedication work for half the average Western European rate. We have a large base of developers from Ukraine who have already managed to prove themselves in the best possible way and earn a good reputation. Do you want to work with them on outstaffing? Then we are waiting for your requests.

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