Kotlin Backend Developers

Do you need a competent Kotlin backend developer who can undertake the administrative part of creating a web application? Do you need a specialist as soon as possible to quickly join the project? If you want to relieve your HR department or not waste time testing all applicants, delegate tasks to brokers. For example, our company works only in the IT field and knows the secrets of effective selection of back-end developers. We already have a base of proven specialists, and new ones are objectively tested for compliance with customer requirements. Therefore, the employers receive only those contacts of the programmers, who are qualified and ready-to-perform the assigned tasks.

How to find the best programmer?

Entrust the task to professionals. Your HR specialists can do their job of staffing and reporting perfectly, but recruiting, testing, interviewing are processes that require slightly different skills. Only a recruiter will be able to properly organize a conversation with an applicant and understand how serious he is to work, whether he is suitable for a specific project, whether he can cope with the working load. In addition, our employees have IT knowledge and objectively assess the real knowledge and skills of the candidate. If we gave you the contacts of a Kotlin backend development specialist, then he would definitely cope with the tasks and there will be no surprises.

Of course, most people are hired remotely now, especially when it comes to involving specialists only to certain projects. This is convenient for all parties, but it also allows you to significantly expand the geography of the search for employees. For example, we want to offer Kotlin developers from Ukraine. These are responsible and competent specialists, with whose help you can optimize the company’s expenses for the salary fund. They are ready to work for much less money than specialists from the USA or Europe, but their level of skills is no less.

A company with which hiring new employees will be easier for you

Our IT outstaffing company invites you to optimize your business by testing the format of employment of outstaffing specialists. This means that the employee will be on our staff, and we bear all responsibility for him – for wages, reporting, taxes. And you just rent a worker for your project at no additional cost. Even taking into account the payment for our services, there is a significant financial benefit for the company. We are waiting for your requests.

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !
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