Android Developers in Kotlin

Is your IT company focused on the Kotlin android applications development? No matter how many discussions there are as to which language is better for such purposes – Java or Kotlin, the latter is still gaining momentum due to its undeniable advantages. But that is not the point, but the case is that you probably need a competent Kotlin developer to help you, which is actually not so easy to find. As a result, many companies are even reducing the personnel department and delegating tasks to specialized firms that have a base of proven specialists and are able to correctly search for valuable personnel among a huge stream of resumes. This approach really turns out to be a win-win for the company. Indeed, in this way, the employer can reduce the staff of personnel and, as a result, find specialists faster, saving money and time.

For example, our company specializes only in finding and employing programmers. We work in a narrow niche, but we are able to objectively assess the skills and compliance of applicants with the client’s requests. Due to our extensive experience and a base of reliable programmers, with whom we managed to work, we fulfill requests quickly and accurately. As a rule, employers are satisfied with the qualifications of the performers and the cooperation ends with a successfully completed project.

What are the other features of the search for programming specialists?

It should be noted that the IT industry is rapidly transforming into a remote mode. It is convenient for employees and beneficial for the company because it eliminates many costs for maintaining staff and office space. In addition, this format opens up another promising opportunity – hiring employees from any other region. In this case, not only the choice of applicants expands, but also there is an opportunity to save on wages. For example, good developer experts from the United States or Europe value their work and demand fairly high pay rates. At the same time, equally qualified programmers from Ukraine are ready to work for much less money. Local specialists can form the backbone of your permanent staff, but if there is an opportunity to save money on hiring temporary employees for specific projects, why not to do it? Our company has a large database of already proven programmers from Ukraine, as well as access to search for new valuable personnel. These are smart and responsible people, whose country has a lower living wage. Therefore, the wages, which for Americans will be a trifle, for Ukrainians-they are worthy money on which they can live well.

The experience of our partners proves that it is convenient and reliable to cooperate with Ukrainian developers. They try to recommend themselves as good as possible because they are interested in regular orders.

Our IT outstaffing company invites you to pay attention to another trend in this market – outstaffing employment. As a rule, the registration of a new employee, the preparation of reports on him, the organization of payments, organizational nuances are additional troubles for the company, which require having a personnel department, and it brings additional costs. Much easier to just pay for an app development specialist of a recruiting firm and have no worries. This is exactly what outstaffing provides. We register the programmer on our staff, and we simply lease him to you to execute the project.

A team for hiring the best experts for your projects

Taking into account all of the above, we can quickly find a developer for you using Kotlin. A competent android developer that meets your requirements will quickly get a sense of the project and complete the assigned tasks for a reasonable fee. We, in turn, will take on all the troubles of maintaining him on the staff. We will be happy to discuss the details.

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