January 10,22
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Kotlin Mobile App Development

Kotlin Mobile App Development

In 2011, JetBrains company developed a promising programming language for applications and games, mainly on the Android system. The Kotlin Mobile App Development is a priority direction of Google company, which was announced in 2019. Therefore, many companies that create desktop, mobile and web applications require specialists for timely and high-quality programming. We will provide a list of the best freelance Kotlin programmers for a temporary project.

Outstaffing - a quick search for specialists using Kotlin

It is unprofitable and expensive to expand the staff to carry out a couple of projects. Therefore, more and more companies use the services of outstaffing companies. Remotal is a recruiting organization for IT projects. We provide employees with the required qualifications and are fully responsible for the quality of services provided by employees.

Employees are registered on the staff of an outstaffing company, so we take care of wages, insurance, sick leave, and accounting. Moreover, the possibility of downtime of the labor force is excluded. After all, an employee can be "rented" for specific tasks, and then removed from the staff.

How do we select candidates for software development using Kotlin?

The main thing the company focuses on when choosing candidates is professionalism and economy. We select employees who fit into the limited project budget. European specialists in Kotlin mobile app development ask for a price many times higher than Ukrainian programmers for the same quality of work. This is due to the difference in the pricing policies of countries.

An independent search for candidates takes from three to six months. We are reducing this time to 3-4 weeks. Before proceeding with the selection of a specialist, we draw up tests and tasks to check skills. Senior developers of the company conduct interviews with candidates.

We post recruitment announcements on the best search services in Ukraine. We use our own data collection tools, including a network of local HR and IT professionals, to find candidates faster.

Sign up for a consultation and start cooperation. After the first call, we will provide a transparent pricing system and tell you more about the consolidated documentation.

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