Remote Middle Ruby Developers

Does your company need a good Middle Ruby on Rails developer? Despite the large number of applicants, it is not always easy to find a suitable candidate. Choosing an employee for the place of a developer, the employer wants to expect that he will be able to cope with the assigned tasks and will meet the Middle level in technical skills, in ability to work in a team and will be able to transform standardized solutions into suitable for a specific project. It should be noted that many applicants may overestimate their capabilities, and lengthy selection and testing is an additional burden for the HR department. The situation is especially aggravated when a Ruby developer is needed for one project, and it takes so much time and resources to find it. What to do to simplify the process and minimize costs?

We will select a qualified Middle Ruby on Rails developer in the shortest possible time

The ideal option for you is to use the services of a recruiting company. Even taking into account the payment for the broker’s services, you save money and time, relieve your specialists and, as a result, you can quickly start implementing the planned project. Our IT staff augmentation company specializes exclusively in one area. This allows us to professionally evaluate and select candidates, taking into account highly specialized customer requirements. We carry out all tests and checks and provide you with a specialist who is ready to carry out your tasks. Of course, employees are involved in work in a remote format, which is now the most convenient and financially feasible for the IT industry. But there is one more nuance – we are working with the outstaffing format that is gaining momentum. This means that the employee will be on our staff. We take responsibility for the legal, accounting and organizational aspects of his employment, and you simply rent a developer to carry out your project. This is beneficial for employers in terms of both financial and organizational hassle. We will be happy to discuss details.

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