Remote Junior Ruby Developers

Are You looking for a junior Ruby developer? It must be admitted that this programming language is not for beginners and often comes to after several years of work in other languages. In our view of fairly experienced recruiters, a promising candidate for the position should have the following skills:

  • Know and have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript;

  • Knowledge and skills of Ruby development;

  • Knowledge of MySQL, PgSQL;

  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently with databases;

  • Availability of practice in the development of applications, interfaces.

These are just basic requirements, which are agreed with the customer before starting the search for a candidate. In the selection of personnel, our it staffing company is guided by rather strict selection rules and is looking for professionals who will be able to start delivering tasks without additional training and adaptation. Exstensive interviews are conducted by engineers with at least 10 years of experience and knowledge of the relevant industries.

We are looking for specialists in the outstaffing format

What does it mean? It's not just about finding a remote Ruby on Rails programmer. This means that a specialist will work for You as a freelance employee with registration through our company. We take care of tax issues, financial aspects, labor disputes. This allows companies not only to speed up the resolution of personnel problems, but also to significantly optimize the costs of maintaining staff. The catch is that we are not limited to the French market of freelancers, but we are entering, for example, the segment of talented Ukrainian Ruby developers. We will be happy to discuss the details and show Your benefits using more specific examples.

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !
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