IT Staffing in Switzerland

An experienced software and web design developer is not easy to find. Many nuances may not come together in a single puzzle for organizing mutually beneficial cooperation with standard recruitment. Most of these specialists work remotely and quietly, and it can be very difficult to find real « nuggets » in the depths of freelancing.

The IT market is actively developing in Europe and the USA, but the demands of local programmers are constantly increasing. The introduction of an employee into the staff of the company is associated with a huge red tape with documents, official calculations in the tax services, accounting and solving personnel issues. Therefore, employers are increasingly frequently choosing IT outstaffing. This is a kind of “hire” of an employee for a certain period of time, who is employed in the staff of another company, to carry out the current specific tasks of his business. The international format is especially interesting, because You can find a lower rate, which means You can hire a specialist of the same level or even a higher one on more favorable terms.

Features of IT recruiting in Switzerland

This country stands out as a reliable, financially stable economic giant among European countries. A high standard of living and, accordingly, income attracts many people. At the same time, living here is also not cheap, but everything is much more profitable with remote employment.

The French recruiting agency Remotal has been working in the IT outstaffing format for many years. Mostly we provide employees from Ukraine, where engineering is studied thoroughly, deeply. There are many highly experienced and often underestimated professionals here. Their wages are significantly lower than the Western European rate, so there is a great demand for the service of recruiting IT personnel from Ukraine to Switzerland and throughout Europe.

We work transparently and honestly. We select a specialist, register him in our own staff, resolve all organizational and administrative issues, prevent the occurrence of legal difficulties that are possible with international cooperation literally in 3-4 weeks.

The best engineers in Ukraine are ready to start carrying out tasks

Remotal helps with the IT recruitment around the world. Do not understand where to start, what is the procedure for finding a specialist, how to survey, check the data? We take care of this, and You get contacts for interviews of already verified and tested candidates, and You can easily determine the best for yourself for an open position of a programmer from among them after personal communication.

An employer does not have to recruit staff, expand premises, resolve a lot of bureaucratic issues and tax issues when maintaining an employee and official employment with our IT staffing company in Europe. We select exclusively professionals in their field and relief You of administrative hassle.

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !
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