IT Staffing in Netherlands

Are you looking for a software engineer in the Netherlands? If you need a good specialist who will quickly join the project, and the minimum costs for its maintaining on the staff, then we invite you to stay on our website. Remote recruitment is becoming more and more popular. Consequently, it is possible to engage specialists from different parts of the world and reduce the cost of maintaining office personnel. But we offer you an even more profitable option. Read on.

What is the most relevant recruiting option now?

Have you heard of the employment format called IT outstaffing? What is it like? The recruiting company uses its proven channels to select candidates for the relevant types of work or project. But at the same time, the employee is on the staff of the recruiting company and all issues related to reporting to the tax agency, payments, legal issues remain on its responsibility. You, in turn, pay for the services of a recruiter with a mortgaged salary for a specialist and get a high-quality work done on current projects. Financially, it is much more profitable than independently being responsible for employees with all the costs that come with it. In terms of saving time and freeing up the personnel department, there are also exceptionally advantages for you.

But we have another savings proposal. It’s no secret that IT staffing in the Netherlands is “expensive”. But what if you engage a specialist of the same qualification level, but with a payment at half the rate? It is quite possible if you work with valuable Ukrainian personnel. We have access to this market and can offer you real professionals.

Ukrainian software developers with whom your projects will flourish

Our IT staffing company in Europe supplies dozens of successful companies with qualified personnel. We skillfully find valuable personnel because we ourselves are well versed in the field of IT, and also effectively solve current organizational issues. As an employer, you just have to set tasks for a specialist and accept completed projects; we take care of the rest.

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !
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