IT Staffing in Paris

Paris not only attracts romantic couples and tourists from around the world, but is considered as a promising place for employment in local companies by many workers. Registration in the staff is associated with a large number of organizational issues, accounting, personnel issues, taxation. It has long been unprofitable for employers, and it is quite difficult to involve good IT specialists in this way. For example, the average salary of a software engineer in France is about 5000 €, and it decreases significantly with calculations when registering in a staff. The financial motivation to work harder, better, and more quickly is weakening. Business understands this too, increasingly choosing the format of remote cooperation – IT outstaffing.

Who to charge IT recruiting with in Paris?

The French agency Remotal has been working on the international market for a long time, and IT staffing for companies in Europe is performed as quickly and responsibly as possible. Our recruiters will be able to find a leading specialist within a few weeks according to the task set by the customer, organize a separate remote team for carrying out the specific projects. We are mainly looking for a specialist in the labor market of Ukraine, where a lot of really qualified programmers are concentrated, and the wage rate is significantly lower than the Western European one.

In addition to qualified IT staffing for companies in Paris, Remotal offers all the advantages of outstaffing – relief of routine organizational and administrative issues, resolution of legal issues that may arise during international cooperation.

We will find a software engineer quickly and efficiently

Remotal recruiting agency will resolve the issue of recruitment of IT specialists for a particular company. Only professionals work with us, so You don't have to worry about their sufficient competence to resolve Your problems. The selection of software engineer takes 3-4 weeks, and if You are not comfortable with something in the process of cooperation, we will provide the service again for finding a new specialist for free. Recruiters will quickly find experienced employees who are ready to carry out unique developments for different business areas.

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !
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