IT Staffing in France

The French recruiting agency Remotal works on the outstaff principle, offering qualified programmers for hiring from its staff. We mainly work with specialists from Ukraine, where there are quite underestimated specialists, and it is much more profitable to hire professionals. There are many real nuggets here among outsourcers and freelancers. Employers do not need to study the market on their own in search of worthy candidates – we will do it instead of them and replenish the team with valuable personnel.

We organize the IT recruitment for a company in France

On average, a software engineer in Europe receives an average salary of € 3,500. At the same time, the calculation of taxes, compulsory insurance for receiving a social package and other deductions lead to a significant decrease in the real amount « on hand ». Therefore, it becomes harder to find a good programmer in the open spaces of freelancing. The already widespread format of outstaff cooperation comes to the rescue.

Remotal's professional recruiting team provides companies in Europe with the highest quality IT staffing. All employees hired by us undergo checks and tests corresponding to the potential position. The customer receives a selection of contacts for an interview according to the best results pursuant to a preliminary verification.

Need an engineer and there is no time to spare? Remotal team is ready to help

Outstaffing resolves all bureaucratic difficulties, because in fact You can remain the same small or medium-sized enterprise, and remotely hire specialists from another company to perform certain tasks. If You need to organize IT staffing in France, Remotal is ready to offer the best candidates. We work honestly and openly, we guarantee support even after the conclusion of the contract, and we stipulate the terms of provision and payment for the services of the senior engineer and the agency itself immediately in the agreement. Everyone who has already worked with Remotal does not even consider other ways of finding personnel with training, loss of time and often after a trial period with a second search. We will be glad to see You among our satisfied customers.

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !
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