IT Staffing Company in Canada

Qualified IT staffing is highly demanded in Canada, as in any other country. Information technology is the thing of the future, therefore, IT companies striving for development want to fill the staff with new talented employees, carry out even more complex and interesting projects, reaching a higher level of development and profit. Searching for personnel is a time-consuming and financially costly affair. Many candidates need to be reviewed and selected, that is why entrepreneurs in Canada are increasingly delegating this task to IT recruiters. Recruiters who have been specializing in the selection of specialists on one direction for many years can objectively assess applicants for competence and offer clients really worthwhile personnel for long-term successful cooperation. Our company Remotal belongs to such agencies, but these are not all the advantages of cooperation with us.

Recruiting agency for the selection of software developers

Our company is engaged in the search and employment of developers from the Ukrainian personnel fund. Specialists from Eastern Europe are ready to work with salaries that are almost half that of local candidates. Moreover, their qualifications, experience and skills are not inferior at all. Many entrepreneurs have long been convinced of the efficiency and benefits of working with such personnel. And we significantly speed up and simplify the process of its selection. We will be able to provide an engineer in just 3-4 weeks, who will meet Your requirements and will be capable of performing current tasks at the highest level. Working in a remote format has long affected the quality and productivity of projects in no way, and it is the preferred option against the backdrop of events in the world for many customers. In addition, we offer You the hiring of engineers on the basis of outstaffing. More and more IT firms are resorting to this solution and are evaluating its benefits. In fact, we select and employ a specialist for You in our staff, and You establish effective cooperation, but do not burden yourself with labor obligations. All formal legal and accounting issues are resolved by us, which gives significant savings for Your company on the maintenance of the staff.

Need the best software engineer on the staff?

We will select a top software engineer for Your Canadian company and take care of all organizational issues. All that is required of You is to define the requirements for the candidate and approve the test task to test the skills, and then – to establish effective cooperation on current projects. Working in the outstaffing format, You are not responsible for the employee to the inspection authorities and the migration service. These are our worries and expenses. We are waiting for calls to agree on details.

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