January 10,22
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Remote dedicated teams
Android App Development

Android App Development

Statista predicts that all mobile app revenues will be $ 581 billion next year, of which $ 117 billion will come from in-app ads. This is a lucrative business for IT companies and an opportunity to generate significant income. One of the most popular platforms is Android. You need a whole team of specialists in programming and web design for an application to be in demand.

If the skills and knowledge of staff members are not enough for the application development, you can use outstaffing services. With the help of a simplified programmer for hire system, you can avoid unnecessary work responsibilities, budget documentation and waste.

Quick staff recruitment agency. We will save your time and money

Outstaffing, in contrast to outsourcing, involves the rental of an employee, and not just services. At the same time, the Austaffer company assumes all responsibility to the employee, the customer does not take part in labor disputes. Agency Remotal deals with the registration of holidays and sick leaves. As a result, this reduces the burden on the client's accounting department and eliminates the need to provide separate social guarantees.

We mainly work with Ukrainian Android app developers. There are many talents in Ukraine who work mostly remotely. At the same time, Ukrainian programmers set the price for their services somewhat lower than Western European developers. This trend can be explained by the different cost of living in countries. There will be no problems with the work schedule either because the time difference with France is only 1 hour.

We can provide both a separate Android app developer, or put together a whole team to create a site or a game from scratch. We select specialists in Kotlin programming, as well as those who work with Java, MVP, MVVM, Material Design, Dagger, RxJava, Android Architecture Components, Firebase.

How do we select remote personnel?

We perform the following tasks to choose the best candidate:

  • investigate the features of the project and the requirements for the candidate;
  • define the main goals and budget;
  • make up tests, tasks and interview script;
  • place ads on the best Ukrainian sites;
  • select candidates who are closest to the requirements;
  • senior developers conduct interviews;
  • provide you with good candidates so that you can make a choice depending on your preferences.

If the work of the provided employee does not suit you, we can replace him in 3-4 weeks. Dismissal takes place without unnecessary bureaucratic confusion and questions. You can contact us through the company website. Leave a request in the chat or make an appointment through Calendly.

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