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Remotal is a French IT staffing agency that specializes in building software development teams in Ukraine

Plus de 50 clients français et internationaux sont satisfaits de nos services de staffing IT. Nous serions ravis de gagner également votre confiance !

Why choose us as your IT staffing provider?

With the right developers, international staffing allows you to build more, faster. Our expertise is to find those for you.

Access to Ukrainian talent pool

Hire in 3-4 weeks for about half the western european daily rate. Reinvest the difference into more experienced developpers and a bigger team.

Experienced team

We are a small international team of experienced recruiters and engineers. Recruiting and operating international remote teams is our expertise and our day-to-day.

Efficient process

Our value added is to combine high standards of recruitment with short time-to-fill. We achieve it by streamlining our process to avoid any waste of time.

French counterpart

Working with us is easy. We take off your plate all the financial and legal complications that arise from international collaborations .
Save time:50% of the candidates we introduce get the job.

Recevez des CVs

Renseignez votre stack et recevez les CVs de candidats potentiels que nous avons rencontrés récemment
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Dites-nous simplement qui vous cherchez et rencontrez en 4 semaines une sélection de candidats. Laissez nous poster les offres, trouver des candidats, les trier, les appeler, les interviewer, les tester, appeler leurs références et faire les papiers.

Lancez le process


Démarrage Rapide

Briefing simple : prenez rendez-vous et remplissez notre formulaire pour nous permettre d'arriver préparés.

Pas de surprises : pricing clair et documentation synthétique partagés après le premier call.


Recherche Efficace

Notre réseau de recruteurs et de développeurs, nos bases et nos outils de scraping nous permettent de trouver rapidement des candidats.

Bien sûr nous postons également des offres sur les meilleures plateformes locales.


50% des candidats que nous présentons obtiennent le job.

Notre méthode :
- Étude du contenu technique du poste
- Et des facteurs de fit
- Interviews par des devs senior
- Appels de références et recrutement sur recommandation


Traitez avec un fournisseur français plutôt qu'un employé Ukrainien. Nous gérons pour vous la paie, les assurances, les congés, les arrêts maladie, la comptabilité des devs et la fourniture de locaux.
Renforcez ou réduisez votre équipe sur un préavis d'un mois
Nous travaillons en continu sur notre process pour constuire toujours plus vite les meilleures équipes pour nos clients.
En savoir plus

IT Outstaffing Company Remotal

Every company and its division require qualified personnel to work effectively. The success of any business depends on the competence of personnel, the coherence of the work of employees in general. But the staff expansion is not always in line with commercial plans in terms of technological needs. And finding a good specialist sometimes takes too much time and leads to stagnation in some work processes. Therefore, the practice of recruitment of programmers and hiring other specialists through outstaffing agencies is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It’s no good to confuse this concept with already more habitual and familiar to all outsourcing. Outstaffing is, essentially, the hiring of freelance staff through a contractor company. Is it difficult to tell the difference between outsourcing or recruiting? First of all, it consists in savings for the employer, because employees are registered in the staff of the provider company, and the second important advantage – a significant reduction and simplification of the recruitment process.

Such services are provided by our agency, selecting the software developers for the organization of various profiles of activity. This is a direction in which the competence and reliability of performers play an extremely important role in the productivity of all divisions of the company. Therefore, we select staff as carefully as possible and fill vacancies only with the best professionals.

What are the advantages of outstaffing for the company?

We want to immediately warn you of possible questions and clarify that outstaffing is not a way to avoid taxes, it is a completely legal method of cost optimization for a company, which provides the following advantages:

  • Elimination of labor disputes. You conclude an agreement not with an employee directly, but with an agency, therefore all issues are regulated by the provider company;
  • Simplification of the personnel management system and personnel records management;
  • Financial issues are regulated by an outsourcing agency;
  • Reducing the time spent on searching for specialists, interviews and selection.

The Remotal team has a large base of candidates, strictly checks the resume and scrupulously evaluates applicants for compliance with the requirements specified by the customer.

Does Your company need a remote engineer?

We will provide the best candidate for the position in a few weeks, saving 40% of Your finances compared to the rates of French freelancers. Outstaffing is a modern and cost-effective approach to building competent staff. Try it and see all the advantages of this mechanism. We are ready to advise and immediately start looking for a specialist for your business.

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