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Does your firm need the staff replenishment in engineering department? Any successfully developing company periodically needs new staff to increase the turnover of orders and, accordingly, profits. But it should be noted that both the search for a specialist and the maintenance of a large staff hit the business budget. In addition, the salaries are quite high in the IT field, and competent engineers in the UK know the price of their labor and are not ready to work for less. Two consequences emerge from this – the need to use the services of IT recruiters in the UK and go beyond the local personnel market. We offer You to study out everything and find a solution that is profitable for You.

A new word in modern recruiting

Most companies in London entrust IT staffing to specialists. This provides significant savings in time and even financial resources. We have a base of good specialists with whom we periodically cooperate, many channels for finding new ones, and most importantly – experience and understanding of the needs of employers in this area. We work only in the IT niche, so we can objectively evaluate candidates, recognize amateurs and select the best candidates who will cope with Your tasks on the basis of many proven test schemes.

Recently, IT recruiters in London has increasingly focused on going beyond the local market. The local specialists are quite “expensive” and demanding in terms of labor conditions, while, for example, Ukrainian programmers are ready to work for almost half of the standard rate for the British. Ukrainian human resources are underestimated. Our experience shows that these are really competent, responsible specialists who will work with full dedication. The staff expansion in this way will bring tangible financial benefits for Your company, so we recommend giving it a try.

Another point to which I would like to draw Your attention is the outstaffing format. According to this scheme (completely legal and gaining more and more popularity), the specialist is officially registered on our staff, we are responsible for him to the tax and other regulatory authorities, we resolve organizational issues, and You “hire” a programmer to perform the necessary tasks. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of the staff for the company and saves You a lot of costs.

We will select a good software engineer for Your company

We have been engaged in IT staffing in Europe and around the world for many years. During this time, we managed to form a base of reliable specialists, thoroughly understand the IT niche and open many sources for a quick search of personnel for any request. We work quickly and efficiently, taking into account any customer's requests. Waiting for You.

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