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Does your company need a software developer? Do you want to attract an employee to work on a permanent basis or to carry out certain tasks one-time? Whatever it was, but finding a good programmer is still a quest. There are many candidates, but this process is very time consuming for the employer and, as a result, he wastes money. Placing ads on various sites, viewing resumes, selecting suitable ones, testing applicants, interviewing and making the final decision – if the company does not have a personnel specialist for such tasks, then the process is delayed and brings a lot of trouble. Therefore, recruiting services are in great demand in the United Kingdom. The company takes on all tasks and provides a specialist who meets the requirements set in the right time frame. For example, our agency works only in the IT field, is well versed in all the intricacies and has reliable sources for finding specialists, which significantly speeds up the progress of the business.

What are the features of IT recruiting in the UK?

IT staffing in UK is more focused on finding specialists for remote work. The offline format is gradually taking a back seat, it is more comfortable for specialists to work from home or any other suitable place, and employing companies save on staff costs. But it should be noted that cooperation with freelancers in a free search carries certain risks for many firms. You cannot be sure that a person will fulfill his obligations on time, will not fail, will show the expected skills. Also, specialists not always can be sure that they will receive payment for their work. Therefore, IT outstaffing is confidently replacing the usual outsourcing. This format provides for the registration of a specialist on the staff of a recruiting company and his temporary hire by the employer for the carrying out the individual projects / tasks. The intermediary in the person of the recruiter is responsible for the legal registration of the employee on the staff, reporting to the tax office, agreeing and fulfilling labor conditions, paying wages, vacation pay, sick leave and other similar issues. It is convenient and beneficial for all parties.

When it comes to our company, in addition to the effective search for specialists and work according to the outstaffing scheme, we offer another advantage – the staffing from the Ukrainian personnel fund. These are valuable personnel who know their job, and their wages are much lower than those of local specialists. Many IT companies successfully cooperate with Ukrainian programmers and receive many privileges by involving them to their team.

A good engineer is urgently needed?

We have long been engaged in IT staffing in Europe, we have a base of specialists with whom we cooperate on an ongoing basis, and we know their professional capabilities. Therefore, the search and approval of employees occurs at a very fast pace. We are ready to discuss the details and start the process.

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