IT Staffing in Spain

The remote format of cooperation with the hiring of a specialist from the staff of another organization has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is equally beneficial for small enterprises and business giants with a large structure. It is quite widespread and successfully soaring IT outstaffing in Europe.

This option is especially attractive for employees, because working in the West is the cherished dream of almost every programmer or software engineer.

Who to charge IT recruiting with in Spain?

Of course, it is very rare for standard recruiting companies to offer overseas job opportunities. The management of European companies is reluctant to finish filling the staff with new employees. There are a lot of questions with the registration of personnel, filling out many bureaucratic documents, in addition to the contract, accounting and large taxation. That is why the service of remote IT staffing is so popular in Spain. This is a legal way to get quality services at a more affordable payment and not waste time for searching, reading CVs, and checking qualifications. The bottom line is that a person is not registered in the company's staff, and the contractor organization hires its employee for a certain period or for the duration of a certain task.

Need a responsible engineer urgently? Remotal team is ready to help!

The French recruiting agency Remotal is engaged in the employment of IT specialists, mainly from Ukraine, who are distinguished by a high level of qualifications. Our IT recruiters can easily find an employee or organize a remote team of programmers. The possibility of hiring in the outstaff format from Ukraine, where wage rates are significantly lower, is more attractive. The programmer works better and more responsibly with the average salary for Europe. Moreover, this way You can recruit a whole team, for example, for remote development of specialized software.

It staffing company in Europe Remotal resolves all the necessary organizational issues, administrative issues, checks knowledge, experience, and provides multilevel testing of applicants. After clarifying the specific requirements of the employer for the candidates, we carefully check the profiles in our database and issue a selection of contacts of the most suitable IT specialists. Cooperation with a trusted agency allows programmers and customers to protect themselves from fraud, deception on the Web, which often happens with freelancers in a free search.

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