IT Staffing in Norway

The constant scale up of small and large enterprises, firms, corporations has long ago singled out IT recruiting into a separate and rather specific market vector. Selection of the best personnel requires a lot of commitment, study and analysis of data, proficiency testing and taking into account other nuances, and searching through local recruiting agencies provides for high salaries and recruiters, and then the registration of a specific specialist in the company.

Who to charge IT-recruitment with in Norway?

It is more relevant for a business from abroad to invite a software engineer in the format of IT outstaffing from another country for remote cooperation. The salary is still decent, but at the same time, it is next lower order than the standard Western European wage rate for hired employees.

If You urgently need a software engineer, Remotal offers an outstaffing service. We promptly organize a team of specialized programmers who are ready to start carrying out the task immediately after the conclusion of the agreement.

The Ukrainian market attracts a large number of experienced programmers who are ready to expand horizons, and at the same time it consists almost entirely of fairly liquid outsourcing. It is legal, transparent and reliable. The engineer just needs to contact us at an outstaff agency for hiring as an IT staff in Norway or another country. Remotal recruiters will conduct appropriate checks and proficiency testing. Usually we have to deal with the search for employees ourselves, organizing a remote dedicated team for the customer. Carefully selected specialists will help You develop a unique product, and accurate project management and control will quickly lead to the implementation of the set strategic goals.

How engineer services are paid for when hired through Remotal?

Collaboration involves either a monthly fee that covers the salaries of programmers and agency services, or a one-time payment. It is beneficial for customers to work in such a remote format, because the company saves time on searching and recruiting personnel, relieves itself of additional workflow, bookkeeping, taxation, and other staff costs.

Our IT recruiting company in Europe finds the right people within a few weeks on average, and the result is definitely worth the wait. In addition, if necessary, we will make a replacement at no additional cost. Contact Remotal. We will be glad to see You among our clients.

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