IT Staffing in Luxembourg

Qualified software engineers in Europe are worth their weight in gold. There is a constant demand for good specialists in actively developing IT companies. But every firm owner will agree that putting together an experienced team of experts is not easy. You need to be able to consider valuable personnel among candidates, spend time on recruiting, training, be prepared for the costs of maintaining an increased staff, new legal and accounting tasks associated with hiring an employee. We suggest you simplify this process, which is described in more detail below.

Effective recruiting

It’s no secret that IT staffing in Luxembourg requires rather high wage rates. Even if the firm’s revenues are high, this incurs certain costs in the overall budget. If you want to get a well-done work but at the same time save a little on wages, consider candidates recruiting from abroad. Ukrainian specialists are well-known for their high competence and dedication in their work, but at the same time they are ready to work for about half of the standard Western European rate. Another option to minimize staff costs is to hire a software engineer in Luxembourg in the outstaffing format. This is not just a remote format but also the absence of hassle with the registration of an employee, the solution of current legal, organizational, accounting issues. The specialist is on the staff of our recruiting company, and we deal with all these issues, and you only receive high-quality and timely work from a new member of your team.

Verified developers from Ukraine

Our IT outstaffing company has been in this industry for many years. Dozens of our clients are satisfied with the services performed and the qualifications of the employees provided. We have access to the personnel market of Ukraine, we cooperate with many specialists on an ongoing basis, we are versed in IT field and will be able to offer the best candidate for your project. Contact us.

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