Dedicated development team services

Get a tailored team of experts dedicated to your project exclusively.

Get a dedicated team
Scale fast and take on more projects with a dedicated development team assembled specifically to tackle them.
High standards
The candidates we'll select for your team will have been screened, tested, interviewed and reference-checked. We strongly advise you to interview at least the lead engineers to ensure fit with the rest of your organization.
Complementary talents
Building teams is trickier than hiring for existing teams. We will start by finding the core team members, then implicate them in the selection of the rest of the team to ensure all necessary skills are assembled in a cohesive team.
Simple collaboration
There are no surprises down the road. We give you clear terms and precise estimates from the start, then work with your budget to engineer an efficient team.
Scale up and down as you go
We don't believe in trying to tie up clients with contracts. Parting with a developer will never take more than one month, and expanding the team takes about the same time, usually less.

How much time would you need to hire 10 developers?
We can to it in a couple of months.

Why hire a dedicated development team?
Dedicated development teams are the very fastest way to scale, and will provide very different benefits depending on the way they're implemented. That is our favorite topic and we'd love to help you ponder on it. We only sell setups we truly believe in.
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Scaling potential
  • Teams cannot grow indefinitely. At some point they have to split, and that is a very good time to start a nearshore remote team.
  • Find experienced engineers quicker and at lower rates than your local market can offer.
  • Build a local core team of talents you can build on to scale further.
Space for new projects
  • Keep your core team focused on core features... but do not schedule less urgent projects for "never"
  • A dedicated team will give you the capacity to address those issues that never make it to the sprint backlog until it's too late
  • If you're short on project management staff, these can also be integrated within the team. (But you'll still need to provide a PO.)
Improved efficiency
  • Leverage the cost gap to get a larger and more structured team
  • Get specific expertises to help everyone focus on what they do best: QA, devops, front, back, mobile
  • Your remote team can be a pool of resources allocated across your squads
How we can help
Design the target team

Building high-performing teams is our core expertise. We'll be there to ask the questions that will help you get it right, and propose answers based on our experience and your situation.

  • What are your current priorities?
  • What is your budget?
  • How is your current team organized?
  • Are you ready to work with remote developers?
  • What kind of skills and experience should those have to ensure success?

A clear target structure and hiring plan is paramount to get candidates and current employees on board

Assemble the team

We can do everything for you, but it is best if you can meet the winning candidates we'll have selected through :

  • Initial screening call (30min)
  • Psychometric assessment
  • In-depth interview with a senior engineer (45min)
  • Technical testing (online or custom)
  • Reference checks

We make all these checks so that your final "go" can be a choice of fit and preference between competent candidates only.

Consolidate & consider next steps

Our work does not end when the team is complete. We will stay in touch to manage the administrative side, make sure collaboration is smooth and help you anticipate on your next steps

  • Administrative work : pay, legal, vacations, leaves, etc
  • Regular checkup calls with devs & stakeholders
  • Adjustments to team composition
  • Planification and anticipation of next evolutions in team structure
With the right talents, a remote development team will take your product to the next level - we are here to find those for you.
Get CVs...
Fill in your stack and get CVs of good matches we may have encountered recently.
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...or get a full dedicated IT team
Tell us more about your project and we will assemble your dedicated development team ready to get the job done.
How we work
Share your requirements
Book a call with us to tell us more about your projects and current organization. We will followup with a hiring plan and several job descriptions submitted to your validation.

At this point we'll also be able to give you budget estimates and present the key terms of a potential collaboration to ensure there are no surprises further along the way.
Meet selected and tested candidates
We source, screen, test and interview candidates for your team and offer you to meet them based on their CVs, our notes and proposed monthly rates.
You can also choose to trust us entirely with team composition, but we always like to have a fit interview at some point.
Make your choice & sign the contract
You interview the first candidates and make your choice, then sign a single master agreement to hire any number of developers. Candidates are usually available to start immediately or within a couple of weeks.
Work with your developers
Focus on putting your brand new team at work and let us handle administrative work.
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More than 50 french and international clients are happy with our IT staffing services. We would love to gain your trust as well!

Dedicated Software Developers

IT professionals with the right skill level are highly regarded in all countries. Developing companies scale their business and conquer the international market by establishing new representative offices and branches in other countries.

How to find specialized programmers for remote work?

It is very important to carefully select employees in IT departments. These must be responsible software developers. Any breaches of confidentiality and data leakage, except for the consequences in the form of litigation with an unscrupulous specialist, will also entail huge financial losses and damage the reputation of the company as a whole. This problem is more common among employees working remotely to develop software or web applications for a specific company.

But how to organize the search for highly qualified IT specialists and protect yourself from such situations? Checking profiles on freelance marketplaces is a dubious option, because there are few recommendations and guarantees. One of the popular methods that we are sure will suit You too is IT outstaffing. Such a solution is especially important for finding specialized developers of a specific profile, because it is often so possible to significantly save on wages. The Remotal team guarantees a competent organization of all administrative routine processes and provides You with the best specialists from Ukraine to solve specific problems for a reasonable fee.

How to entrust remote access to Your databases?

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. Firstly, we value our reputation and the trust of outstaffing service customers in different countries of the world. Secondly, all the specialists in the Remotal staff have already worked on international projects many times, there are recommendations and feedbacks. And thirdly, we conclude an agreement with You, according to which neither our agency nor the employee provided You for hiring are completely interested in the occurrence of such difficulties during cooperation in the outstaff format. The development of specialized software requires certain knowledge and practical skills, and we provide our specialists of the appropriate level for solving specific problems of Your business at favorable prices. Contact us.

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