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Does your company in Ottawa require IT staffing? Do you need new qualified personnel who can be entrusted with serious projects? If the company needs to replenish the staff, this is a sure sign that You are successfully moving forward. But at the same time, the need for new specialists entails a lot of trouble – the search and selection of candidates take a lot of time. If You want to get it sorted once and for all as soon as possible and at first attempt to find a good employee, entrust this task to the IT recruiting agency in Ottawa and wait for the result after 3-4 weeks.

Recruiting agency in Canada

Our company is geographically located in France, but has successfully proved itself in the development of IT recruiting in Canada. We work effectively almost all over the world and specialize exclusively in the IT niche. This allows us to competently and objectively evaluate candidates, quickly find specialists with the skills the client needs. Another advantage of ours is that we have access to and work primarily with the Ukrainian personnel fund. Engineers from Ukraine are talented, executive and responsible. These are qualified specialists in their field who are already ready to perform Your tasks and do not require training. But the main plus is that their labor will cost almost half the price of local specialists.

Outstaff software developer

IT outstaffing company “Remotal” offers You to relieve yourself of responsibility for a new employee to the inspection authorities and the migration service, the hassle of solving organizational issues. Employment in the outstaffing format is a minimum of worries and financial savings for companies. The specialist is officially a member of our staff, we ourselves deal with legal and accounting issues, and You simplify the maintenance of the staff for yourself. We will be happy to discuss the details.

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